Animal ID is an international online platform for responsible animal owners. We have united more than 170 thousand owners of identified animals worldwide. We want to become the voice of animal rights and freedoms and to raise the culture of treating our four-legged friends to a higher level. Animal ID is highly involved in social projects. $5 from each sale of QR pet id tags goes to animal shelters or projects aimed at solving problems of domestic and homeless animals worldwide.

RoverTags is an official affiliate partner and reseller of Animal ID products/QR pet tags. Rovertags is an online project of Animal ID, which is governed, controlled and managed by Animal ID Corporation.All rights for the product are reserved by Animal ID Corporation. 

Animal ID was established in 2011 as a non-governmental organization and social project for systematic assistance to homeless and domestic animals in Ukraine. Same year Animal ID became part of EuroPetNet, the European Association of Animal Database and is now one of its most active members. Since then we have participated in numerous programs worldwide like Happy Farm (USA), 1991 Incubation program (USA), won EGAP challenge (EU) and worked on many common projects with international foundations such as DogTrust (UK), FourPaws (AU). Animal ID provides stray animals calculation programs around the world. We calculate animals according to the International WPA (World Animal Protection) methodologies. Data collected through the use of our IT solutions formed the basis of a doctoral thesis by Lauren Smith (England, University of Leeds) and helped investigate the problem of stray dogs by Universidade Federal do Paraná in Curitiba, southern Brazil. By now Animal ID IT solution is one of the most functional in Europe. 


The idea of ​​creating Animal ID came to Animal ID CEO Victor Kopach after he agreed on helping with adoption of transport several disabled dogs from Ukraine to Europe. The dogs were hurt and wouldn’t survive in Ukraine. European volunteers found new owners for the dogs and they have been living full lives since then. This case helped him realize that the problem is global, and that small actions will not change the situation. To significantly change the situation, a clear identification of the animals and obtaining data on their numbers is required. 

Animal ID supports 5 freedoms for animals:

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst

  2. Freedom from discomfort

  3. Freedom from pain, injury, or disease

  4. Freedom to express normal behavior

  5. Freedom from fear and distress

We believe that humans and animals are driven by instincts, but it is our responsibility to choose a responsible attitude towards our fluffy fellows. We believe animal identification and registration to be the first steps towards that and we encourage you to join us!

Our offices

2636 Walnut Hill Ln Suite #316, Dallas, TX 75229-4591


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