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Ensure your pet’s safety with Rovertag. $5 from each purchase goes to animal shelters.
How to activate your pet tag if your pet has not yet been registered on animal-id.net?

1. Visit animal-id.net and press thebutton “register my pet”
2. Then click “Activate my pet tag”, enter your phone number and activation code in the required field
3. Enter your (owner’s) and pet’s information
4. Activate owner’s profile

How to activate your pet tag if your pet has been registered on animal-id.net?
1. Log in to your pet’s profile
2. Click “activate my pet tag” button
3. Enter pet tag number and activation code in the required fields.

Base material: Stainless steel
Coating: Heavy duty polymer
Diameter: 0.98 in
Thickness: 0.07 in
Weight: 6 g
Method of information deposition: UV High Separation Printing

Why choose Rovertag?

Rovertag by Animal ID is the most useful accessory for your fluffy friend in case they wander off.

Rovertag is a tag with a QR code, that works as an identifier in the international database of registered animals Animal ID. It identifies the animal and provides access to its online profile with important information: owner contacts, information about medical treatment, pedigree, photos etc.

The tag works worldwide. (The Animal ID database is synchronized with the European Association of Animal Databases - Europetnet). There is a unique QR code on the back of the tag. The code is registered in the animal-id.net system. When scanning the code, you can find the information on the pet and their owner.

Important: QR code works only after Rovertag activation in a pet's profile animal-id.net

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