Collar Blue

The recommended collar is made of paracord. Thanks to special nodes, you can easily change its length. The ideal option is to measure the size of the head and neck of your pet in order to choose the optimal collar size.
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How to activate your pet tag if your pet has not yet been registered on

1. Visit and press thebutton “register my pet”
2. Then click “Activate my pet tag”, enter your phone number and activation code in the required field
3. Enter your (owner’s) and pet’s information
4. Activate owner’s profile

How to activate your pet tag if your pet has been registered on
1. Log in to your pet’s profile
2. Click “activate my pet tag” button
3. Enter pet tag number and activation code in the required fields.

Material: Paracord
Fastening: Stainless steel
Size: 9.45-15.75 in (S) 13.78-23.62 in (M) 17.72-29.53 in (L)

We recommend a separate collar for the Rovertag. This collar should be used at all times, even if the pet is in your house or apartment.

Why do I need a separate collar for a Rovertag?

Firstly not all collars are suitable for a pet tag.

Second, most dogs have several collars. Hence, you might forget to attach the pet tag to another collar due to lack of time or carelessness.

Thirdly when your dog or cat is in your apartment, house or enclosed courtyard, you often do not put a collar on them at all. There are times when pets run away using dog doors, gates or windows.

No one ever plans to lose a pet but it happens. Protect your pet. Do not lose your friends!

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